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    The music industry is so saturated…most genuine artists are hard to find in a pool of bubblegum music

    • Maybe you should look into using streaming services like Spotify. Enough variety there
      • Genuine artists are actually a huge gamble for the music industry. Bubble-gum music and mumble rap are safe bets as people eat it up.
        • @theguy the streaming services help a great deal in terms of variety, it makes it easier to find the type of artist that appeals to you

          @Mjakes being genuine sets you apart from the rest of the group…mumble rap and bubble-gum music is simply made to stay “relevant” and is a safe bet as you say…music nowadays don’t last, after a month you are…

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        • @kingk true. And even more interesting is why we dont take this seriously, because music influences culture. So if we are promoting these overnight artists what is that doing to us as humanity because we cant deny the influence of music on our societies
          • @theguy yea ey, we are creating new standards of “quality” that will soon be the norm…soon what we considered as good music will be absent in the mind of the next generation…

            Trust me, most people have a stronger connection to older music than they do when they hear whats currently out there

            • @kingk Quite true. Perhaps the definition of quality music has changed from substance to its immediate economic value
              • @theguy that is also true and is a perfect perspective
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