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    Above-Inflation Tariff hikes for Joburg!!!!
    Johannesburg has announced plans for above-inflation increases in its tariffs. Mayoral committee member for finance Funzela Ngobeni tabled proposed tariff increases this week, including a 13.07% rise for electricity across all categories of customers, 9.9% for water, 5.5% for property rates, and 7% for…[Read more]

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    OMG! Financial services group Old Mutual says it has suspended CEO Peter Moyo over a “breakdown in trust”.
    Following a series of talks, the Old Mutual board decided that “there has been a material breakdown in trust and confidence between him and the board”.The board, chaired by former finance minister Trevor Manuel, had suspended Moyo with im…[Read more]

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    Human kindness is what we all possess; we ought to show it a little more and we can make a HUGE difference in the lives of those around us…

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    The question of abortion being legal or not will always be answered based on some belief. Now in a society with so many beliefs, and diversity can we ever reach any consensus? And if not what are we building, and where are our leaders leading us too?

    • You know at times I feel that there isn’t a clear direction moving forward – it honestly feels like leaders are addressing issues for the moment, without the vision of the possible future outcome
      • @kingk that’s how it feels to me. But in truth, it looks like our diversity is going to sink us slowly into more confusion and destruction. Because even out very leaders lead from the assumption that we have shared values. And so they do what they think will make everyone happy. And that is not necessarily what’s good for everyone.
          • Very true. In theory you can’t make everyone happy but I suppose they can make decisions to address the concerns of the majority (just a thought)
          • I agree. After all we all want health we all want physical security or safery and we all want stability.

            But it’s also important to accept that, at some point our differences will hinder the achievement of all these things. No leader can meet the standards of everyone. And so I’m convinced that general leadership ends at some point because if…

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          Mugg & Bean offers Bottomless Coffee and Bottomless WiFi and love their service and their muffins.

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          Vodacom Group [JSE:VOD] and MTN Group [JSE:MTN] shares fell after one of the competition regulators ruled that SA’s two largest mobile-phone companies overcharge customers for data – particularly those on lower incomes. Vodacom, majority owned by UK-based Vodafone Group, and MTN had a combined 75 million customers in South Africa at the end of…[Read more]

          • Shares can fall. But what’s important is that the cost to communicate decreases. South Africans are paying insane amounts of money for mobile data. So its imperative that we fix this
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            Jealousy is ugly and evil at the same time…
            Many people glamourize jealousy by saying it’s a sign of love. It’s not! It’s a sign of insecurity and reflective of seeing your partner as an object to be possessed. It’s a negative emotion stemming from both desire and insecurity, but not love. In my opinion; Being jealous of anyone is just plain “nasty”

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            Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming a trend in South Africa and you’ll notice the shelves in your local liquor store are well-stocked with zero alcohol ready-to-drink gin and tonics and low/zero alcohol beer, ciders. This is pretty obvious, but consuming lower ABV drinks means you’re less likely to get trollied and do something regrettable – if you…[Read more]

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            “Uber Eats” is such a great service for people like me.
            “We want to support the growth of the restaurant industry and make our local communities more economically vibrant places to do business,” said Ailyssa Pretorius, GM of Uber Eats South Africa.
            “While food delivery is the fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry, the vast major…[Read more]

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            The fundamental purpose of religion that we can measure, is that it gives hope. But hope alone needs to back up hard work. So why does it seem as Africans yhat we stop at hope??

          • Blackness posted an update 3 days, 20 hours ago

            My issue of the day is the concept of people refusing to change money because the idea of keeping it gives them pride. Some people would rather starve than change their R200 bill, or even a R50 bill. Some even will use their friends’ money so that they do not have to change theirs. What do you think

            • Perhaps the larger question should be, why are we not working towards a cash free society, with locally owned institutions owing such
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              I often wonder what is true happiness. Is it circumstantial? Depending on what is happening in our lives, jobs, relationships, finances etc.? Or can people reset their attitude toward happiness and cultivating happiness from the inside, out; as I believe?

              I also believe when we let go of our limiting beliefs, we can finally experience freedom,…[Read more]

            • A male birth control pill has just passed human safety tests

              A new male birth control pill passed tests of safety and tolerability when healthy men used it daily for a month, and it produced hormone responses consistent with effective contraception, according to researchers at two institutions testing the drug. Study results indicate that the…[Read more]

            • Thi si the best idea since sliced bread: You can now collect your medicines from ATM pharmacies in Joburg

              Patients on chronic medication who live in and around Joburg and Bloemfontein can now collect their monthly medicines in about three minutes from new ATM pharmacies set up by Right ePharmacy.
              The pharmacy dispending units (PDUs) are chronic…[Read more]

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              You’re paying more than double what you should for electricity in SA: expert

              Energy expert Ted Blom says that South Africans are paying more than double what they should be for electricity in the country, and it’s funding Eskom’s corruption and Mismanagement. Eskom this week reported a loss after tax of R2.3 billion for the year ended March…[Read more]

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              Politician Helen Zille remains unapologetic after the massive backlash she received on social media after saying that some black South Africans, like some white South Africans, enjoy what she called “black privilege” because of the corrupt politicians who looted billions and still got re-elected.
              Here’s how it all started:
              White privilege respo…[Read more]

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