• Theres no such thing as male privilege, I dont see it

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    We should be weary of solutions, some challenges can not have solutions because those very solutions create the perpetual existence of those challenges.

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    the interview was fine but my trip was bad I was robbed in Soweto

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    Is society emasculating men in the “holy” name of Feminism?

  • There is a 1,4% increase in terms of the unemployment rate in SA, leading to an overall of 29,0% in Q2. Each time an individual is unemployed, at least 5 – 12 lives are affected. Do you think that South Africa can improve these unemployment rates? If so, how?

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    We will see another day in South Africa…

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    All I see is strikes, in-party fighting, corruption allegations, rising costs of living, land reform debates with no conclusion in sight and then the public protector…

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    With the significant high number of youth unemployment in South Africa – are they entitled to a job straight after university or should more youth in South Africa create their own path of success by embracing entrepreneurship from their chosen fields of qualification.” to “Topic – The impact of conflict on economic development: Is Africa able to resolve her own conflict?

    • Can Africa, but most importantly can South Africa afford the conflict we find ourselves in?
    • What are the causes of conflict?
    • What is the true cost of the conflict?
    • Who or what is fueling it (Conflict)?
    • If not who or what – who is paying for it?” 3 weeks, 3 days ago

  • Conflict is a very interesting topic, it’s the final step; the very edge where our differences set us clearly apart

    • Even so, conflict is neccessary Chief. Two realities can not exist simultaneously. One most rule, one authority must rule, once agenda, one power.
        • Though there should be a limit. There is an African Proverb that goes When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

          Similarly, the political conflict in our country had and will forever affect the South African people. So although it’s good to have differences, that conversation should be constructive not what we are currently seeing

        • Perhaps we need the people to be soooo oppressed that they would revolt. Perhaps destruction is the only thing that makes society wake up.
            • That’s poor thinking. People need patience, people need ethical leadership. This is what will eliminate conflict and all its effects.
            • You are far too kind. The diversity of this country will be its undoing if there is nothing that we all hold as a national pride. Unfortunately braai and pap are not enough.

              Once we have something we all hold as superior standard, we wont have to worry about people compromising the rest of us because they dont have a sense of accountability to…

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              • What do you mean it will be our undoing, and I dont think having national pride would have any meaningful effect. In the end people need to work toward the common goal, and with suspicion of outside sources at play in influencing our society, a simple solution such as yours seems ignorant to that.
              • I mean that we dont have any accountability to one another. We tread lightly because we dont want to offend one another because of these silly differences. So we need to all go into a place where we put our differences behind our one common goal. And far often countries that do this have mandatory military service. We on the other hand just live…

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              • Do you think that as a country we have more conflicts than solutions? Or is it the process of finding solutions that we find difficult to grasp?
                  • You can not bond to metals together unless you melt them.

                    Finding a solution suggests that there is an agreement between everyone involved. The beginning of finding a solution is unity. Only then can we talk about solutions. Because if we do so now it that solution will fail because of our very division. ACCOUNTABILITY ACCOUNTABILITY…

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                  • Based on your argument, you are stating that “unity” is our biggest problem – which is followed by accountability…was there a point in time, post-apartheid where we have had a strong foot on those two aspects
                    • Yes we have conflicts but it should be anything we cant educate people about. People are easily convinced to hand over their power to the promises of politicians. And so people need to educated and stand together in knowledge and build society
                    • @freeworld it’s not that unity is a problem, it’s that we dont have any. And yes, there is no accountability, because people arent in unity (agreement) and so we cant expect any accountability for any solution.

                      We never have because never had unity. The last time we had some measure of being in agreement was when we were all oppressed and killed…

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                      • You see, the last point you raised about “Our difference mean more than any reason to agree (unity)” is the perfect perception to explain where we stand as a country…
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                      Conflict is a very interesting topic, it’s the final step; the very edge where our differences set us clearly apart

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                      Food for Thought: You can not control how people recieve your energy. Anything you say or do gets filtered through the lens of whatever personal sentiments they have towards you or whatever personal stuff they are going through. Which is not about you. Just keep doing your thing with as much integrity and love as possible. Never try to prove…[Read more]

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                      These days I feel embarrassed to say that I am a black female. The way black females present themselves these days is actually depressing. I have very few role models and sadly males seem to be justifying the behaviour. I worry for the young black girls being brought up in this world. I am a feminist, I am a black woman, but I am also not afraid…[Read more]

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                      Jacob Zuma is a legend in his own right. I appreciate his nonchalant approach to life. But really if we are to talk real state capture, can we start with the Afrikaner Broederbond.

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                      There are some really hard topics that I want to propose, but unfortunately I know that people will reply what is socially acceptable…

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