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    Supporters of individuals undermine democracy

    Supporters, supporters, oh supporters! This is an article about not supporting supporters of disgraced politicians. We all know of supporters of sports teams, like Kaizer...

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    Corruption 101 – Terminator 4 – The Rise of the Comrades

    The science fiction movie, Terminator 3, The Rise of the Machines, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, may be dismissed as the work of a fertile imagination,...

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    Why Cabinet Ministers have secret KPIs

    Given the social and economic challenges inherited by the democratic government in 1994, it is only fair that the many government plans and policies such as...

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    Why black executives are chameleonic about transformation

    Blacks are seemingly a minority in business without the power to transform the South African economy which, 26 years after democracy, is dominated by the white race....

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    Be Still, Peace be  Still

    By Sweet Rhymes Trepidation fills the airThe sound of trembling in your earThe grumbling tried to move your chairThey laughed and ate with youOnly to...

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    How to End Racism Peacefully

    By Comrade Controversy We can end racism peacefully. Laws and measures to punish offenders that commit violent acts including murder motivated by racism will only serve as...

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    Yes, time is MONEY, but how much MONEY?

    By Comrade Controversy In this piece I will attempt to tell you exactly what the monetary value of time is. Before getting carried away with defining...

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    Questions That Defy Answering

    By Comrade Controversy Is it possible that not every question has an answer? Or is it also the case that not every question should be asked?...

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