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    TheGuy - "We should be weary of solutions, some challenges can not have solutions because those very solutions create the perpetual existence of those challenges."View
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    King K - "All I see is strikes, in-party fighting, corruption allegations, rising costs of living, land reform debates with no conclusion in sight and then the public protector…"View
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    Marguerite Duras - "There is a 1,4% increase in terms of the unemployment rate in SA, leading to an overall of 29,0% in Q2. Each time an individual is unemployed, at least 5 – 12 lives are affected. Do you think that South Africa can […]"View
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    Schumacher - "Our Continent AFRICA:So, why is it that a continent with such vast potential wealth can remain so poor? It’s in large part down to ‘Illicit financial flows’. The illegal movements of money or capital from one […]"View
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    Mjakes-Munni - "Load shedding…eish"View
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    Vha-Musanda - "I have been observing and listening to what most people have been saying regarding why they feel despondent and wont vote at the 8 May general elections – the main theme is i was promised a house and job – so […]"View
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    Master K - "Do you think the same level of consideration and attention is given to fellow compatriots who are in distress due to bad weather (taking eThekwini and Eastern Cape) for example. I don’t seem to see the same kind […]"View
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    Dejhana - "Ability I what you’re capable of doing motivation determines what you do attitude determines how well you do it."View
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