• Blackness posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Can we discuss honour. What is it? Does it still matter today? The Bible says honour your father and mother. Members of parliament are referred to as honorable. Judges are called your honour. Honorable schools costs more to attend. The royal family of England is so honorable that the world follows their weddings and babies. Do Africans build honour? What is hourable. We pay lots of money to be members of honorable clubs, wear and drive honorable brands, but do we have anything honourable of our own. Has marvel replaced honour in Africa?

    • Honour is a very tough concept, and probably so because it’s rooted deep in culture. And its purpose has been to venerate authority, in order to preserve its importance and to preserve whatever culture.

      Africa is going through a lot.of change. And because of this I would argue that it’s impossible to even identify what it means to be an African. So the conclusion then is that there is nothing to honour. And the primary fact is this according to my beliefs, every human has a spirit and their spirit know what should be. Their conscious is as a law but written in their hearts. And that results in us doing anything and whatever to honour something, even if that something is useless. Because the desire to honour, to revere, to venerate is in us until we die.

      And so I believe if we are to order the way people offer honour- because they do already, we need to reform our leaders and cultures.

      • Didi replied 2 weeks ago
        “Honour” to me means to have great respect, but surely it is most definitely, earned respect. One will not honour anyone or anything that is not worthy of honour.
        • Honour is not respect. Honour is honour. Lets talk then about collective honour. When you do your Bachelor degree and then honours, what is honours? June 16 is in honour of the learners, but is not respect. For example one can respect women and not honour them. Honour is respect that is acted out maybe? One can respect Kaizer chiefs and not honour them.
        • @confessionboxing perhaps it’s fair to say that the world is used for a variety of purposes and the meanjngnof it changes in each purpose. Similar to the word Love.