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    July coming up, new month, new hope. Let’s talk conflict why is there so much conflict in Africa? In politics, within the same party, over resources, over almost anything ? Let’s talk conflict

    • A divided Africa will never stand. But maybe the problem is that our differences dont allow us to build together because everyone is trying to get their way.
      • Americans have the Amerian dream and the pride of their Army. The English have the standard of Great Britain to live up to. Germany has a reputation of precision and order they fight for, China has discipline, Japan has order and hard work. Thina we have ama piano 👀
        • @TheGuy. People are hungry for justice, power is a means to appease that hunger and it’s perfect because it affects everyone. It was really about power, there would be very little reason for them to abuse it because what would they have against their abusers?