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    @didi Hi Did do you like cats. I see your profile picture has a cat. Some people say cats are clean, others say they are cute

    • Yes I love cats and I have had two two as pets. Unlike other pets they are very independent and thats what I love most about cats. They dont need to be taken outside to use the toilet; just leave a window open. They dont need to be locked and chained. They are indeed very clean and extremely cute. Like dogs and other pets; they all have their own unique personalities but they really brings one much joy. That is why some people opt to have cats instead of kids and or lovers… LoL. What I dont like is that cats (once they have a bond with you) love to bring you gift which is sometimes a mouse or a dead bird. This totally freaks me out. This is normal cat behavior though. You should consider cats when you ever want to get a pet; I highly recommend it.I must add; that my picture of the two cats actually has a broader meaning other than me liking cats; altogether…