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    Do you think our voters are sufficiently educated to elect the best candidates?

    • What does it for a voter to be “sufficiently” educated? And according to who?
      • An educated voter is one who will choose a government that can deliver on its promises. Since democracy is based on voter choice we can blame voters for poverty in Africa since 1960 when one man one vote became a way of choosing the best possible government
        • We’ve already had 2 recalls from the office of president of elected presidents. A clear admission by voters their choices are clueless
          • I have been in conversation with a few individuals and their response to their party of choice is that they voted based on “loyalty” to the party that brought them freedom – so does this “loyalty” that they talk about become a substantial factor to the party in power and the leaders/candidates that come with it?

            How can an educated voter make a difference in the elections if a majority of voters apply this “loyalty” principle?

            • Its unfair to place all your blame on voters. When I vote for a set political party its because I believe in their position and campaign. Is it now my fault if the people I elect into power choose to serve their own interests
              • King, we can’t dispute that voters choose who they trust or rather who seems to be trustworthy. So we need more to create a culture of expecting accountability from our leaders then blaming the voters.
                • Are you saying it is impossible to elect people who will serve your interests. Take Malema for instance he is known to have lived above his means before and people know about the whole Venda Bank think and the cigarette smuggler thing, but people still want to vote for him. I blame them. What do they expect?
                  • Ntokozo, I agree. All blame should not be placed on voters alone. Voters may vote for which ever political party that they seem fit to lead them – as you say, we need to create a culture. Us as citizens should embrace change and push the agenda of accountability and responsibility that the leaders should abide to.
                    • All blame should go to the voters! If they were eating poison it would have killed them
                      • Blackness, the malema issue is just capitalism. Malema is no different to any other member of a political party. They know what to say and they know how to exploit desperation. However I also agree that voters are not responsible for making wiser decisions
                        • Blackness, its impossible to know if the person you are electing into power will keep their promise. So in that case it’s a matter of luck that you pick up a fruit and not poison