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    Are elections not a western idea anyway? Places like Brunei and Saudi Arabia don’t have elections, Qatar and UAE are doing well economically and hardly have elections.

    • What would be the best African approach to go about governing South Africa or other African countries, if we had to do away with elections?
      • Elections give power to the voters, in the countries you mention the only power citizens have is to restrain themselves and be quiet
        • King K we need to move towards voting for people as opposed to voting for political parties
          • TheGuy, yea I agree…political parties have lost their credibility to make an impact in the country
            • King K, why do we relegate all power to political parties
              • Unfortunately in South Africa, us as voters are subjected to voting for a political in favour of a leader that we resonate with…I was watching a news segment where they were discussion how most voters determine their vote based on the leader of the party and not the party as a whole – they went on to mention that it would be interest to see a scenario where voters had more control over the voting of leaders within a party and more control to remove non-performing leaders within a party.

                What kind of impact do you think this scenario would bring?

                • @kingk that would be beautiful I believe. We would have power to hold our leader accountable because currently we dont
                  • @theguy yes, currently we dont sadly…