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    What do you guys think of street intersection vendors?

    • Look; these guys are making an honest living. According to the September 2006 Labour Force Survey (LFS), there are 2 379 000 people working in informal enterprises in South Africa. “In terms of city-level statistics, I would estimate—on a very rough calculation—that there are between 60 000 and 70 000 traders in both Johannesburg and Durban and 35 000 in Cape Town.” The array of goods being hawked on the streets is astounding—cellphone accessories, sunglasses, paintings, shoe storage pouches, beadwork, clothes and even jokes are for sale.

      However, according to a report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), about “70% of all street traders in the country sell food” and most of them “are the main breadwinners for their family”. Let them go about their business man!

      • Those are pretty impressive stats but these vendors need some formalization. In taxi ranks such as Bree and Bara there is infrastructure for these vendors to do business. But because there’s very little formality in that industry the places where they sell are filthy and unappealing.

        Vendors need to pay maintenance fees on such properties. And on those who exist on side streets should have permits so they to can pay a fee for government to maintain there place of business