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    Above-Inflation Tariff hikes for Joburg!!!!
    Johannesburg has announced plans for above-inflation increases in its tariffs. Mayoral committee member for finance Funzela Ngobeni tabled proposed tariff increases this week, including a 13.07% rise for electricity across all categories of customers, 9.9% for water, 5.5% for property rates, and 7% for refuse removal. To mitigate these increases, households without any formal income would get 15 kilolitres of free water a month and 150 kilowatt hours of electricity, said Ngobeni. The city’s 2019/20 budget is R64.5bn, it was revealed. Departments with the largest slices of the operating budget are Joburg Water (R11.5bn), the good governance cluster (R10.6bn), human and social development (R9.5bn), economic growth cluster (R5.7bn), public safety (R5.5bn), group finance (R5.4bn), and environment and infrastructure (R2.5bn).