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      Mahatma Gandhi said ” Poverty is the worse form of violence”. Wow! Strong statement… In my opinion “Inequality” is the most damning factor to poverty in our beloved country. Money is tight these days from a “normal” person’s perspective. Its hard to get to work using public transport and such an expense. To feed your children, to provide for your household, to pay school fees and just the basic needs daily; cost so much. Sometimes, when buying food I ask myself; Am I working to just survive? When do I start living? Enjoying my income is no longer a “thing”. And people are angry everywhere; road rage, divorce, violence, suicide and just bad attitudes are the order of our day as people are stressed and 90% comes from financial pressures. Poverty makes people vulnerable and desperate for themselves and for those they feel responsible for and this is a danger in our society.

      • Quite true. But we need to start finding out why money is tight. Even when there are justifiable reasons, we need to ask why. For example, why opt to send your child to an expensive school when you can find one that expects you to pay less? We need to be Frank if we are going to try address such
        • Wow, what a post. There are so many sentiments that need to be addressed. However, the one that interests me the most is “when do I start living”. This is a question I am sure resonates in members of society from across the spectrum. The ‘system’ controls society, we are born and lead a path to inevitably make money somehow, some way. It defines us to some extent. Really, I am not making a point, I am just reminiscing on human life, survival. The ‘system’ makes people vulnerable, poverty is just a means to ensure that the system keeps working, to ensure those who are scared are influenced to work hard, day in and day out, so that they are not in turn impoverished. Radical I know, but please convince me otherwise.
            • You’re question is a pertinent one but to it I must ask. When do we start taking some action no matter how small towards applying solutions
              • Poverty is a reflection of our society in general. Poverty and other social miseries are in large; part due to social structure, which is how society functions at a macro level; so you are are quite right in that sense. Some societal issues, such as racism, sexism and segregation, constantly cause disparities in education, employment and income for marginalized groups. The fact remains that Poverty is not just a state of mind; its reality. We should not “victim blame” those in Poverty, but rather see it for what it is and as a society address the issues surrounding it
                  • Quite true. But what responsibility do the victims have over their own position in life regardless of how they got there
                      • you see brother victims are those we fight for if we find ourselves in a point or position of privileged in our lives. However, today we are all about Me Me and I now we
                          • Being in a position of privilege is a part of the process of helping the next person. But fact remains that even those victims need to understand that they are just as responsible for their lives. There are people who come from the worst slums in South Africa who.never relegated their accountability. They tried with what they had, even when it was nothing
                          • You are uite right there but there are so many factors contributing to Poverty; that we as a society need to be aware of so we can do something about it.
                              • I agree. But can we also agree that “victims” should take accountability over their livelihood
                                • Yes we can agree to an extent. We are all accountable But not everyone of us can do all we need or want as it is just not that simple. Its not like saying you must be accountable for your sin or wrong doing; No its quite the contrary. Poverty is something society need to be actively involved in trying to solve or bring relief


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