• King K changed the description of the group Group logo of At the Crossroads with Kaya FMAt the Crossroads with Kaya FM from “Topic – South African Youth: Are they entitled or are they misunderstood and how can they play catch up to their peers on the continent.

    With the significant high number of youth unemployment in South Africa – are they entitled to a job straight after university or should more youth in South Africa create their own path of success by embracing entrepreneurship from their chosen fields of qualification.” to “Topic – The impact of conflict on economic development: Is Africa able to resolve her own conflict?

    • Can Africa, but most importantly can South Africa afford the conflict we find ourselves in?
    • What are the causes of conflict?
    • What is the true cost of the conflict?
    • Who or what is fueling it (Conflict)?
    • If not who or what – who is paying for it?” 1 month, 3 weeks ago