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    Congratulations to the ANC, I hope henceforth they will really serve the country in accordance with their promised policies and manifesto because with the rate at which they were moving they will soon die a slow painful death. They fooled the compatriots for so long but with the emergence of the so-called clever blacks/middle-class – taking…[Read more]

    • Perhaps the ANC retained some influence because 57% of South Africans value the wellbeing of the country over any promise of land.
      • Congratulations and stuff , Durban Woongah Park, people are suffering bafethu ,
      • @325iiisgush it’s sad that people suffer but, why isn’t the sole responsibility of government
        • People are suffering all over the world @325iiisgush , it is painful and in my eyes unfair. I do not understand why humans have designed a system where people can suffer to such extremes. Now I ask, @theguy, I agree that it is not the sole responsibility of the government. No one in this world is responsible for anyone, but it is empathy that…

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        • @thirdeye Beautifully put. I couldn’t agree any more.