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      Congratulations to the ANC, I hope henceforth they will really serve the country in accordance with their promised policies and manifesto because with the rate at which they were moving they will soon die a slow painful death. They fooled the compatriots for so long but with the emergence of the so-called clever blacks/middle-class – taking electorates for a ride is surely becoming a thing of the past. So, in essence, the ball is in their court. Whilst I might have voted differently – they have my full support because at heart I care first about the well being of my country.

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      • Perhaps the ANC retained some influence because 57% of South Africans value the wellbeing of the country over any promise of land.
        • Congratulations and stuff , Durban Woongah Park, people are suffering bafethu ,
        • @325iiisgush it’s sad that people suffer but, why isn’t the sole responsibility of government
          • People are suffering all over the world @325iiisgush , it is painful and in my eyes unfair. I do not understand why humans have designed a system where people can suffer to such extremes. Now I ask, @theguy, I agree that it is not the sole responsibility of the government. No one in this world is responsible for anyone, but it is empathy that makes people feel responsible. And unfortunately our empathy is now measured by how much money we are willing to give to change the world. I mean in most cases it is a matter of money, rather the lack of money that leads to suffering. Every person who sleeps comfortably at night in a bed should take some responsibility. That is just my viewpoint. Playing the blame game with the ANC will not get us anywhere.
            • @thirdeye Beautifully put. I couldn’t agree any more.


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