• Vha-Musanda posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I have been observing and listening to what most people have been saying regarding why they feel despondent and wont vote at the 8 May general elections – the main theme is i was promised a house and job – so because i have neither i wont vote…It got me thinking. Should politicians not be honest and say – we will try to build houses for the poor and create a conducive working environment where more job opportunities will be created. No government can build its people houses and everyone gets a job

    • Sometimes voters make incorrect assumptions, staying away from the polls because they believe reason will prevail and the correct party or candidates will win. By thinking reason will prevail, they are referring to the reason of those who go out to vote, not their own. How people think those who vote will exercise reason on behalf of those who don’t is beyond comprehension. For me voting means I have a voice and to make it heard (freedom of speech), being a part of a democratic nation and being proud of my country and making a difference.
      • Well said Didi