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    I am realizing that Afican men like my own father had it hard. However, only few political and business minds where sharp those days to address the future. Today I see the same thing few heads implementing the discussion and dialogue that is strategic and confession box found us to embrace such. lets implement our capabilities and I told my…[Read more]

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    you see brother victims are those we fight for if we find ourselves in a point or position of privileged in our lives. However, today we are all about Me Me and I now we
      • Being in a position of privilege is a part of the process of helping the next person. But fact remains that even those victims need to understand that they are just as responsible for their lives. There are people who come from the worst slums in South Africa who.never relegated their accountability. They tried with what they had, even when it was nothing
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        @thirdeye i think action can be made but we must understand why black people are poor in finance but rich in knowlede

        • Black people actually have money. Without getting in on the numbers just look at all the commercial stores we have and who their main customers are. We have the money, we dont realise it and so we can keep moving it further and further away from us
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          Poverty in Africa is cause by greed and corruption on expense of our people

          • Quite true but surely we should take responsibility over the fact that we put those people in those positions. We in fact seem to have given the power in exchange for promises and not for actually doing their jobs
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            I found this dialogue of confession box so interesting. I joined cause I heard this at cross roads at khaya Fm today it was so interested i got myself in this site

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