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    @bruceoxini Hey Bruce what do you think about Herman resigning

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    @sarkar what do you think about Herman Mashaba resigning

  • How important is it to have educated leadership?

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    The DA is in trouble, but Herman is doing a great job. Forget Zille, Herman should lead the DA

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    A society of work and reward is dangerous, but equally so is one that doesnt reward personal initiative

    • And so what do you suggest?
        • There is no simple answer to that. Both extremes are equally dangerous. Capitalism/meritocracy just translates human failure to themselves and discounts any other justifiable factor. The other extreme seeks to make life fair and in turn produces a society in capable, entitled and horribly calibrated to deal with the tragedies of life
          • In cultures and countries across the world, there is a central idea of reward, or achieving reward as a consequence of being successful. And these cultures have thrived throughout time and so we should adopt this method of valuation. You are only as important as the results you can achieve
          • The answer may vary but it is far more suitable for South Africa to take a capitalist stance because we need to encourage a culture of rewarding hard work. Those who fall behind will get government grant
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            Theres no such thing as male privilege, I dont see it

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            We should be weary of solutions, some challenges can not have solutions because those very solutions create the perpetual existence of those challenges.

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            Is society emasculating men in the “holy” name of Feminism?

          • Conflict is a very interesting topic, it’s the final step; the very edge where our differences set us clearly apart

            • Even so, conflict is neccessary Chief. Two realities can not exist simultaneously. One most rule, one authority must rule, once agenda, one power.
                • Though there should be a limit. There is an African Proverb that goes When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

                  Similarly, the political conflict in our country had and will forever affect the South African people. So although it’s good to have differences, that conversation should be constructive not what we are currently seeing

                • Perhaps we need the people to be soooo oppressed that they would revolt. Perhaps destruction is the only thing that makes society wake up.
                    • That’s poor thinking. People need patience, people need ethical leadership. This is what will eliminate conflict and all its effects.
                    • You are far too kind. The diversity of this country will be its undoing if there is nothing that we all hold as a national pride. Unfortunately braai and pap are not enough.

                      Once we have something we all hold as superior standard, we wont have to worry about people compromising the rest of us because they dont have a sense of accountability to…

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                      • What do you mean it will be our undoing, and I dont think having national pride would have any meaningful effect. In the end people need to work toward the common goal, and with suspicion of outside sources at play in influencing our society, a simple solution such as yours seems ignorant to that.
                      • I mean that we dont have any accountability to one another. We tread lightly because we dont want to offend one another because of these silly differences. So we need to all go into a place where we put our differences behind our one common goal. And far often countries that do this have mandatory military service. We on the other hand just live…

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                      • Do you think that as a country we have more conflicts than solutions? Or is it the process of finding solutions that we find difficult to grasp?
                          • You can not bond to metals together unless you melt them.

                            Finding a solution suggests that there is an agreement between everyone involved. The beginning of finding a solution is unity. Only then can we talk about solutions. Because if we do so now it that solution will fail because of our very division. ACCOUNTABILITY ACCOUNTABILITY…

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                          • Based on your argument, you are stating that “unity” is our biggest problem – which is followed by accountability…was there a point in time, post-apartheid where we have had a strong foot on those two aspects
                            • Yes we have conflicts but it should be anything we cant educate people about. People are easily convinced to hand over their power to the promises of politicians. And so people need to educated and stand together in knowledge and build society
                            • @freeworld it’s not that unity is a problem, it’s that we dont have any. And yes, there is no accountability, because people arent in unity (agreement) and so we cant expect any accountability for any solution.

                              We never have because never had unity. The last time we had some measure of being in agreement was when we were all oppressed and killed…

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                              • You see, the last point you raised about “Our difference mean more than any reason to agree (unity)” is the perfect perception to explain where we stand as a country…
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                              Conflict is a very interesting topic, it’s the final step; the very edge where our differences set us clearly apart

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                              We live in a world where so much emphasis is placed on developing systems. And yet the one thing that lacks the most is the development of society.

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                              I really wonder what requirements SA police need to meet to get the jobs they have. Maybe boiling a kettle and knowing how to remove extra dough inside of fate cake

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                              Why do South Africans destroy infrastructure when they protest? It’s really strange

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                              Why do we black people enjoy spending money on tangible and quite frankly stood things. I’d say it’s because we are afraid of the commitment trying to do better with the money because there is a high probability of failing

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                              State of the nation address. I wont take Mr Ramaphosa seriously, until he takes care of Ace Magashule. Cyril can say whatever he wants tonight at the SONA but Ace will wake up tomorrow and just change the focus to what he wants.

                              • Eish. You have a point there. However the guy not to take seriously is Ace because he is a talk shop, and is often more surprised by what came out of his mouth than anyone else.
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                                Should days like June 16 mean anything to white people?

                                • Yes, it is a day of remembrance of the youth uprising that changed the socio-economic landscape of the country. Is the goal to put black people in a box, white people in their own box, colored, asian indian? Then expect that each box has their own meaning towards political holidays? Often we forget that they are some, may be few in comparison to…

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                                  • I hear you but let’s look at it like this. Black South Africans are proud when they remember June16, and primarily because it was a moment where they fought for a common goal as one. Now it is true that there were some white people who aided the fight against apartheid but what does reason does the majority of white people have to celebrate when…

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                                • @theguy I do understand your point, but Black South Africans aren’t necessarily proud. If anything most of the youth believe its a day to celebrate being young, and that sentiment does not stem from ignorance. We make these public holidays to show homage to significant events in our history. But really people just end up asking “how was the long…

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                                  • Unfortunately I’m going to agree with you. As sad as it is, the youth have no meanj g attached to June16 expect for being drunk. So that’s a fair point
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                                  What room is there for religion in a world that is trying to redefine itself

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                                  Why is Ace Ma…. pushing for the nationalization of the Reserve Bank ?

                                • Very interesting. It is quite telling how people can leave their countries to.help the poor and I’ll as though they dont have any in their own countries and neighbourhoods. It’s almost as though they’ve given up believing that they’re own people are worthy of help. Quite sad, and even more hypocritical.

                                  However, safe to say their efforts go a…

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