• Thappy Hoggs posted an update 1 month ago

    Can someone tell why ATM’s that are in low income area are closed after 7pm. I’ve noticed that all the banks are doing the same thing.

    • To my understanding, this does not only occur in low income areas. ATMs are closed dependent on the level of security. If the atm is within a mall, that has 24 hour security, boom gates and cameras, it is likely to remain open until late. If the atm is located in a free access area, with little to know security, it is likely to be closed. For good reason, not only to prevent robberies, but also for your safety as a citizen. Criminals in a area with high crime are most likely to target you if they can see you just came from a ATM.
      • Quite true @thirdeye. Perhaps it’s good thing because people would be at risk of being robbed as soon as they step away from the ATM