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    A Story of True Wealth:
    ” One day, a rich father took his son on a trip to the village. Hw wanted to show him how poor some people can be. They spent time on the farm of a poor family. On their return from the trip, the father asked his son “How was the trip?” and he replied “It was great, Dad”. “Didi you see how poor people live?’ the father…[Read more]

    • Firstly, can we just say that the young man is WOKE. But it’s a really good story. It’s become so natural to replace the purpose of certain things in our lives with money, perhaps we do so because we feel more secure because we have control over it and not other humans. Sad but telling of the consistent nature of human.
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      Caution, sensitive topic.

      Is abortion murder? Should South Africa enforce laws against abortion?
      (NB: I have not reflected my opinion in this statement, I would like to propose the discussion before I engage.)

      • Didi replied 1 month ago
        Abortion is by far one of the most controversial topics. Needless to say, there are people on both ends of the spectrum and all in between when it comes to the question of whether or not abortion constitutes murder. The definition of murder transcends the law of man, and is determined by the law of nature, nature’s true God, and His Word. Before h…

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      • What a question @thirdeye. My opinion is that abortion is murder and that’s that. Aside from any religious context murder is murder. However, people who believe to the contrary would argue that if it can be justified then it is not murder. And some take it even further by saying no one can dictate what a woman can or cant do with her body.


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      Nokia 3310 is and will always be the best phone in the industry.

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      Confession #10: Tribalists and Racists, same whatsapp group.

      Discrimination is discrimination. Believing that someone is ‘less than’ because of their culture, language or origin is as bad as being racist. I am so sick and tired of black people complaining about racism yet behaving so discriminatory themselves. Fighting for equality, yet thinking…[Read more]

      • Thirdeye, what you say is so on point except that you sound like we need white people approval to be. Your point regarding white seem to suggest that white people are supreme and therefore exemplary in everyway – however the truth of the matter is that they are divided as any other racial group. Our social challenges are the same challenges they…

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      • @kwena, Well, that may be YOUR interpretation of my confession but that is not what I am saying at all. I do not think anyone who is discriminatory is supreme, white, black, asian, coloured. Discrimination is ignorance or in its worst form, stupidity. The point I am making is that we as black people complain about racism and campaign for equality,…

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      • Was he that good?
        • Didi replied 1 month ago
          OMG This is so scary. What is this world coming to?
          • Surely he deserves an honorary degree at this stage of the game. 20 years! Wow, I blame the system.
            • This means there’s more pilots operating with Fake Licences , this one just got caught if you ask me.
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              Confession #9: Positivity is essential to your advancement in life.
              Positivity does not mean that you will constantly be happy, it is not forcing yourself to smile when you feel down. Positivity is getting through each day, one by one, and being kind to yourself as you do so.

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              To what extent do you believe we are a product of our environment?

              • 50%
                • No one is a victim, we all make choices. The environment will always pull you in any direction but when you let it you become its product.
                  • Scary! I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Don’t stop being yourself or worry that people won’t like you simply because you didn’t amalgamate with the environment. You get one life, so live it on your terms.
                    • @didi @theguy I am not referring to people being victims of their environment. The environment exists from birth, you can not decide on how your environment will be. You do not decide how your parents are, the language you speak, the culture you are born into, the preschool you go to, the land you were born on, ect. Even when you become more aware…

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                    • Yoh I respect you but I must emphasize the fact that I dont agree with your sentiment- and that’s okay.

                      In the end we all make a choice. I live in Soweto, in over all the 20 years I’ve lived I’ve seen thousands of people. And even so, the one person I chose to model my behaviour after was my uncle who lives 50KM away from me. No one influenced…

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                    • @theguy @thirdeye you’re both wrong. Choice is often an illusion. You have the freedom of choice but from limited options. Environment impacts you only insofar as your genes are reactive to it. To assume that nature completely controls us is to assume that humans are inherently unable to overcome any environmental pressure and should therefore not…

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                    • Choice cant be an illusion if we can experience consequences for our actions. We dont choose how we are born, when, where we grow up. But we make micro and macro decisions all the time. In fact, your first choice was to try when you realised that the world wasnt an extension of you and so you threw tantrums as a child. We all make decisions,…

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                    2019 Elections is like Choosing a Tolarable Abuser you can deal with 4 the Next 5 years

                    • It’s sad. A saw post that read “your vote is your voice” so I assume you lose it as soon as you elect someone into power and maybe that’s why you need to burn and destroy to be heard.
                      • @theguy Yeah because violence is obviously the answer! Move over Ghandi. We’ve got @theguy now!
                        • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think you missed the maybe. And Ghandi should move aside because he didnt think highly of black people
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                          “Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but of how we make ourselves worthy of happiness” – Immanuel Kant. But here is the question, can one ever be worthy of happiness due to the inherent capricious nature of humans. We are inconsistent beings, that choose when and where to apply this supposed sixth sense of moral…[Read more]

                          • But what is happiness to begin with. If ask me, I’d say its absolutely nonsense.

                            It’s this false idea that at one point in time you will be free and unimpaired by any negative thing and that’s just not true. Things never go our way all the time and if they do it’s never 100%. And even if it were 99% that one percent would still refute the…

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                          • What would Kant say?
                            • I am not sure if upholding morals would give one happiness or not (as happiness is a very loose and highly relevant term), but it surely would make them feel harmonious and at peace with themselves.
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