• TheGuy posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    The question of abortion being legal or not will always be answered based on some belief. Now in a society with so many beliefs, and diversity can we ever reach any consensus? And if not what are we building, and where are our leaders leading us too?

    • You know at times I feel that there isn’t a clear direction moving forward – it honestly feels like leaders are addressing issues for the moment, without the vision of the possible future outcome
      • @kingk that’s how it feels to me. But in truth, it looks like our diversity is going to sink us slowly into more confusion and destruction. Because even out very leaders lead from the assumption that we have shared values. And so they do what they think will make everyone happy. And that is not necessarily what’s good for everyone.
          • Very true. In theory you can’t make everyone happy but I suppose they can make decisions to address the concerns of the majority (just a thought)
          • I agree. After all we all want health we all want physical security or safery and we all want stability.

            But it’s also important to accept that, at some point our differences will hinder the achievement of all these things. No leader can meet the standards of everyone. And so I’m convinced that general leadership ends at some point because if it didn’t it would be biased towards one group of people over others. And that’s an issue because if so do we really have leaders