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    Should days like June 16 mean anything to white people?

    • Yes, it is a day of remembrance of the youth uprising that changed the socio-economic landscape of the country. Is the goal to put black people in a box, white people in their own box, colored, asian indian? Then expect that each box has their own meaning towards political holidays? Often we forget that they are some, may be few in comparison to black people, but some white people who ‘fought’ for freedom.
        • I hear you but let’s look at it like this. Black South Africans are proud when they remember June16, and primarily because it was a moment where they fought for a common goal as one. Now it is true that there were some white people who aided the fight against apartheid but what does reason does the majority of white people have to celebrate when they were not part of that fight.
        • @theguy I do understand your point, but Black South Africans aren’t necessarily proud. If anything most of the youth believe its a day to celebrate being young, and that sentiment does not stem from ignorance. We make these public holidays to show homage to significant events in our history. But really people just end up asking “how was the long weekend”. So the question is, are people really celebrating? or just taking a long weekend break? I think the latter is more true for the majority of South Africans.
            • Unfortunately I’m going to agree with you. As sad as it is, the youth have no meanj g attached to June16 expect for being drunk. So that’s a fair point