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    A society of work and reward is dangerous, but equally so is one that doesnt reward personal initiative

    • And so what do you suggest?
        • There is no simple answer to that. Both extremes are equally dangerous. Capitalism/meritocracy just translates human failure to themselves and discounts any other justifiable factor. The other extreme seeks to make life fair and in turn produces a society in capable, entitled and horribly calibrated to deal with the tragedies of life
          • In cultures and countries across the world, there is a central idea of reward, or achieving reward as a consequence of being successful. And these cultures have thrived throughout time and so we should adopt this method of valuation. You are only as important as the results you can achieve
          • The answer may vary but it is far more suitable for South Africa to take a capitalist stance because we need to encourage a culture of rewarding hard work. Those who fall behind will get government grant