• TheGuy posted an update 5 months ago

    The Xhosa people have a king, and so do all the cultures in South Africa. So why don’t white people have a king and also take part of the benefits that Africans kings benefit from?

    • Because their “king” – in this case queen, is there in England, where they came from. We will not accept cultural appropriation on African soil.
      • How is it cultural appropriation?
        • @thirdeye This would be a legitimate case of Cultural Appropriation. Often, cries of cultural appropriation are trivial or the scope is stretched too far. Also, South Africa has been an Republic since 1961 and white South Africans have not had a king or queen since.
          • Sure white South Africans deserve a king who can also have many wives looked after by the state. But there should be two Kings, an Afrikaans white King based in the Free State – King va der Merwe, and an English King based in Franschoek – King Colony
            • Hahahaha they also need to have blue lights, salaries, and all the benefits our black kings have 😂😂😂😂😂😂