• Thirdeye posted an update 1 month ago

    Caution, sensitive topic.

    Is abortion murder? Should South Africa enforce laws against abortion?
    (NB: I have not reflected my opinion in this statement, I would like to propose the discussion before I engage.)

    • Didi replied 1 month ago
      Abortion is by far one of the most controversial topics. Needless to say, there are people on both ends of the spectrum and all in between when it comes to the question of whether or not abortion constitutes murder. The definition of murder transcends the law of man, and is determined by the law of nature, nature’s true God, and His Word. Before humans ever wrote down civil law, God determined what defines murder. Based on Scripture, a proper definition would be the willful unjustified killing of an innocent human being. Biologically, it is clear that it is murder. If the unborn is growing, it must be alive. the fetus is not part of a human, but is, in fact, a complete human organism, different than the mother and father. So, it is clear to realise that unborn human beings, are human and that life begins at conception. So, is abortion murder? The answer is certainly Yes! Abortion is the willful and unjustified killing of an unborn child. Regardless if abortion is legal by human government, it is a violation of the universal moral law. It should go without saying, in any regard, abortion is morally wrong, and a sin.
      • What a question @thirdeye. My opinion is that abortion is murder and that’s that. Aside from any religious context murder is murder. However, people who believe to the contrary would argue that if it can be justified then it is not murder. And some take it even further by saying no one can dictate what a woman can or cant do with her body.

        The issue here is one. As diverse as we are in society, we are trying to come up with a one fits all solution. And that solution will never work. The Muslims should have their own solution, so should the Christian’s and all their denominations, the Hindus, Buddhists and everyone else.

        Because within our belief systems, we can not cry foul when we are expected to meet a set standard. We can only rebel. But when we are all free trying to create a harmonious world where no one offend one another, we will always have issues.

        If South Africa was a country that upheld my religious beliefs exclusively; Abortion would be illegal, expect for in circumstances where the mothers life is in danger. Any other time such as unprotected sex would be absolutely illegal to abort a child. And in circumstances such as sexual assault, that child would still be given a chance to live because that is the standard of the belief.

        It’s a very complex issue and I’m certain that my opinions will change if challenged sufficiently