• Thirdeye posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    The toxic work culture will be the death of modern humans. With the emergence of the 4th industrial revolution and the wave of cellphones with email, word and apps that make working easier; a significant shift has occurred in work culture and the associated expectations. Previously, when you left work, you had no access to a computer or laptop, the stress would see you the next day. Now, an individual is bombarded with emails at any time of the day, eliciting stress responses even when you’re at home, when you should take time to relax your mind. The detrimental culture lies in people believing that this is a positive shift, believing that replying to work emails at 12am instead of resting your mind is a good thing or represents maximum productivity. Rest, peaceful, stress free rest is so important for our health. We often take this for granted. The toxic work culture has put so much strain on the human brain that daily headaches and restless nights have become almost normal. I can not comment on the lives other people choose to lead, but please remember that just because you are connected, it does not mean people or work should alsways have access to you. Remember to switch off, take moments, 3 hours at least, where you remove technology from your surroundings. The best doctors are sun, air, meditation, exercise and water.