• Thirdeye posted an update 1 week ago

    I read somewhere that if people take you for granted, it is a compliment because it means that you are consistent. While it is a compliment to you, it is a danger to them; because what is consistently taken for granted will eventually be taken away.

    This stuck with me because I think everyone at some point feels as if they are taken for granted, their efforts not seen or maybe that they are not receiving equally as much as they put in. However, there is the problem, the expectations we have. It is making society mean and negative, fewer and fewer people want to help the next, why? because we expect something out of everything. The perfect example can be found in the simple act of offering incentives that are in the form of pecuniary or opportunity. Example, If i asked everyone reading this to write a paragraph on how action without compensation made them feel, most individuals would not do it. Now if i added that all participants would receive a voucher for R2000, then their effort seems worthwhile, they would recommend it to friends and I would have hundreds of replies. Then all of a sudden they are literary artists willing to share their notions towards the topic at hand. If we want compensation, or we expect something in return we will always feel like we are being taken for granted. As soon as you let go of the want or desire to be rewarded in some way or form, you will never feel as though you are being taken for granted, life will be enough. It is in the act of doing that you should find fulfillment, not in the return.