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    People, particularly the youth, mostly act on trend or hype. South Africa has been “burning” for many years. Since before the era of Mandela. Yet, only after Nene is raped and killed women feel scared and post #amInext. I have been scared my whole life, everyday there is a new story of femicide in the news. However, they never trended, therefore no one spoke of it. The reality is my fellow youth members, posting pictures on social media saying #prayforSA is not a solution. You will post it today and forget about it next month. We are so quick to make topics trend, speak openly about issues and seek retribution ; yet we offer no practical or actionable solutions. We are also part of the problem as we are not problem solvers, we are problem talkers.

    • Okay, let’s start with you who has observed such a discrepancy. What do you propose as a solution to this mess of a problem?
      • I will rate your comment with ONE starr until you become the change you desire to see based on the comment you’ve made. Which is to say, until you come up with a solution now that you have identified a problem
          • I find this very interesting, the fact that some humans feel the need to attack at every given opportunity. An opinion is merely an opinion, and your one star does not define or impact my life or my character. Regardless of what I reply to you on this forum, you will never be aware of the depth of my impact on society. There is so much weakness that can be found in feeling that you are in a position of power by hiding behind a computer screen under a false name. Maybe you seek to find significance through the detriment of others, I will never know.

            I have many solutions actually, ones which I will implement and follow through. I will post on them later in the day, feel free to read. However, remember that vegetation needs sunlight to grow and not darkness. The purpose of this platform is to engage in discussions that are challenging. If you do not agree with me, feel free to put forth your opposing opinions and ideas. I would love to hear some of the solutions that you hold, lets solve the problem then.

            Also, do make yourself aware of the use of pronouns. As a member of the youth, I do not exclude myself from the sentiments that I put forth. However, I do challenge myself to form ideas and solutions. In the same breathe, II want to challenge others to do the same.

            I do not take this personally as negative people – at times – concentrate all of their vitriolic behaviour on others as a way to escape from self. The problem with taking things personally with a negative person is that is does not lead anywhere. Your only possible outcome is a perceived “victory” that will make you think you have managed to “hook” me. Well, the joke is on you because your one star has NO POWER. You are clearly an individual who thrives on conflict, and conflict can never create growth. I would like to think that not everyone who behaves negatively intends to do so. When you conciously attribute someones negative acts to potentially extenuating circumstances (personal problems, work-related stress, finances, ect.), its easier to see their behaviour for what it truly is — an act of desperation and impulsiveness.

            To conclude, I do not have room for negativity on my comments. If you would like to waste your energy replying to my posts please feel free. But this is the last time i will acknowledge you on this platform.

            Than you

          • What an interesting exchange, but just to try bring the focus back to your initial post. I’ve noticed that the trends have silenced and the conversations have died. This is unfortunate, perhaps social media has the capacity to reduce the importance/reverence for serious discussions. And the focus really is about who an say something with the most likes.