• Thirdeye posted an update 6 days, 11 hours ago

    How often should one consider cyber-security and third party access to personal information? In the new digital age, even our biometric data, in the form of pictures for facial recognition, is available with one click of a button. You can tell a stranger your first name, and they can access many platforms with information within one day, such as linkedin, facebook and twitter . Are we really safe? What measures do you put in place to protect personal data and ensure your cybersecurity?

    • There is a price to pay for the privilege of being connected, he who is connected can be easily found. And unfortunately, no system can ever promise to be safe simply because computers can not tell who is the god guy or the bad guy. And so every door the “good guys” use is just another door for the “bad guys”. So we wont have complete safety, but rather temporary safety.