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    DATA IS DISAPPEARING!!!! I have recently noticed that data does not last. When I say this, I say this in reference to last year. I spend less time on my cell phone, but use more data ? How is this possible. Why are cellular networks not explaining data costs, or providing a breakdown of how data usage is calculated. If they are, well their communication is poor. I find myself finishing 250 Mb of vodacom data in one day, which costs me R59. This is spent on probably 5 whatsapp messages, at this point I would rather send Sms’s at that cost. Am I the only one who feels as if data has started to suddenly be consumed quickly, especially in the last month?

    • There are tons of reasons for this on the side of the consumer. The quality of the images you download when you visit websites or even background use. But honestly, just move to Telkom. For R150 I get

      2 Gig data
      500 MB data
      100 SMS’s
      350 Telkom to Telkom minutes
      250MB YouTube
      5gig Music streaming
      As well as Telkom wifi data

      • You are Definitely not alone! I have had this conversation with so many others who have the same views. I am constantly finding myself with no data or airtime as it literally disappears. I too feel that we an explanation. Its is blatant robbery!