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    As a part of the youth and a first time voter, I feel very nervous for the upcoming elections. This is because I feel like I am voting because it is the politically correct thing to do, but deep down inside my full support does not reside with any political party. Should I just vote for a minority party to balance out the votes? Should I vote for the political party and presidency that my family supports? or should I not vote at all because im confused, hence my vote is actually useless…. These are feelings I know other young people are going through. Can we have an educated and apolitical discussion centered around how to approach your first voting experience?

    • I think you may consider some plan in this. The goal is not to give any political party more than the other. I might Vote DA or EFF just so they can go into coalition with each other. No one party should rule
      • @theguy The EFF has expressed that they would not form a coalition with the DA in the future. The DA put posters up saying “stop the ANC & the EFF”. I highly doubt coalition is on either of their minds.
        • So you trust everything political parties say?