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    “Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but of how we make ourselves worthy of happiness” – Immanuel Kant. But here is the question, can one ever be worthy of happiness due to the inherent capricious nature of humans. We are inconsistent beings, that choose when and where to apply this supposed sixth sense of moral character that we all claim to have. Are we worthy of happiness as a society? Maybe on select occasions.

    • But what is happiness to begin with. If ask me, I’d say its absolutely nonsense.

      It’s this false idea that at one point in time you will be free and unimpaired by any negative thing and that’s just not true. Things never go our way all the time and if they do it’s never 100%. And even if it were 99% that one percent would still refute the concept of happiness as I describe it.

      Secondly, humans are different in their beliefs and norms. So what would invoke “happiness” in me differs from the next person who holds different beliefs. So society can never be completely happy, we can be satisfied when general needs that we share are met but that’s about it.

      And the answer to the question of who deserves what based on whatever they may have done or neglected to do, is also based on belief. In my beliefs people no matter what they have done still have peace, and their peace lies with God. And it is when they grown in understanding of this peace that they experience hope and joy. So they are always worthy of Peace and Joy, but anyone from another belief system would differ.

      • What would Kant say?
        • I am not sure if upholding morals would give one happiness or not (as happiness is a very loose and highly relevant term), but it surely would make them feel harmonious and at peace with themselves.