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    To what extent do you believe we are a product of our environment?

    • 50%
      • No one is a victim, we all make choices. The environment will always pull you in any direction but when you let it you become its product.
        • Scary! I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Don’t stop being yourself or worry that people won’t like you simply because you didn’t amalgamate with the environment. You get one life, so live it on your terms.
          • @didi @theguy I am not referring to people being victims of their environment. The environment exists from birth, you can not decide on how your environment will be. You do not decide how your parents are, the language you speak, the culture you are born into, the preschool you go to, the land you were born on, ect. Even when you become more aware as an adolescent, you do not control people around you, the finances of your parents, if they are alive or not, siblings ect. What I mean is that people are quick to explain certain personality traits or behaviours with a link to your environment , who has been around you throughout your life, what you’ve seen, your experiences, which if we are being honest were out of our control for the most part. I am not saying we are victims, but to what extent does our environment dictate our future states at every point in life ? I think it is 90%. When you watch documentaries such as “Making of a Murderer” or “Sinner”, you start to see the uncontrollable circumstances in life that can influence an individual’s future. A lesser example would be if your father was a musician and this experience left positive memories in your mind, you may show more interest in music or playing a musical instrument. I know people may not agree, but I believe we actually lack control. What we think is “our true self” was not decided by us, but rather given to us.
            • Yoh I respect you but I must emphasize the fact that I dont agree with your sentiment- and that’s okay.

              In the end we all make a choice. I live in Soweto, in over all the 20 years I’ve lived I’ve seen thousands of people. And even so, the one person I chose to model my behaviour after was my uncle who lives 50KM away from me. No one influenced me to be anything, not even soccer players or whatever. We all choose what we let influence us, the environment does not dictate your future state. It’s impossible, we let it dictate.

              This is that you bring upnis the classical debate on Nature VS Nurture. And its similar to the debate around are humans born inherently good or inherently bad.

              But neither environment (nature) or nurture influence you exclusively. We are products of both through CHOICE. And this applies whether what we choose is chosen in ignorance or arrogance- it’s a choice

              • @theguy @thirdeye you’re both wrong. Choice is often an illusion. You have the freedom of choice but from limited options. Environment impacts you only insofar as your genes are reactive to it. To assume that nature completely controls us is to assume that humans are inherently unable to overcome any environmental pressure and should therefore not even bother trying. To say that everything is a choice is also simply naïve and just plain wrong. As with most things in life, the answer is somewhere in the middle of two extremes.
                • Choice cant be an illusion if we can experience consequences for our actions. We dont choose how we are born, when, where we grow up. But we make micro and macro decisions all the time. In fact, your first choice was to try when you realised that the world wasnt an extension of you and so you threw tantrums as a child. We all make decisions, even when we take them without being aware