• Blackness posted an update 5 months ago

    M truly shocked by the amount of small talk on Twitter. The west is at it again sidetracking Africans to talk about celebrities that have nothing to celebrate when there’s serious things to discuss

    • People are easily distracted, it takes no time for them to skip from one point of focus to another. But what’s more intriguing is that people dont seem to take South Africa’s progress personally. There is no sense of citizenship at all
        • so typical of colonized people. Thy wait for someone to shape their destiny, and when it is too late they complain that the other person is evil, yet they don’t do anything to shape their own destiny. There is a price to pay for being spectators.
        • Hahahahaha the problem is the fight for freedom stops in people heads. The first issue in South Africa was this idea that everything stolen from black people would be returned. This just created a sense of complacency in the minds and hearts of South Africans. Secondly, the promises made to the people of SA by the ruling party also had an effect.…

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        • What is the difference between sitting around a fire telling tales, stories and communicating about community leaders or prominent people in the community, and the use of fourth revolution platforms with hi speed access. Exactly that, the high speed and large access. Human beings want to be entertained, just because an individual watches tv for 1…

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