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    • A new alcohol ban in reaction to spiralling case numbers would be the final nail in the coffin of thousands of businesses and the jobs they provide, it said.
      Do we need a new alcohol ban in reaction to spiralling case numbers of infections?👍👎

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      • We need no alcohol ban as were still reeling from the loss that robbed many of their livelihood as the result of the devastating covid19 pandemic. Alcohol production and…

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      • We have a crisis of leadership – from vaccine messaging to policing and intelligence failures; too few Zupta and PPE prosecutions to N3 blockades; jobs bloodbath and the labour minister is wearing garlands in Ghana! Is this govt asleep at the wheel?🤷‍♂️

      • Do vaccination mandates work? Mandatory vaccination policy leads to 94% of Discovery’s staff getting jabs. 👎👍

      • Petrol to hit more than R20 a litre for the first time!🚩🚩🚩
        You pay R2,18 for every litre of petrol towards the Road Accident Fund. There are other additional levies such as the R3,93 for GFL which represents around 23 per cent of every litre of petrol.
        Is it time to review all the “hidden costs” behind what fuel actually…Read More

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        • There is a dire need for the review of the fuel levy and a recalculation of all the elements that comprise the fuel price! The cost of petrol per litre is to rise…

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        • Mandatory vaccination is on the cards as Ramaphosa keeps South Africa on Level 1. What are your views on mandatory vaccination 💉 as the economy is in dire need to be revived 👍👎

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          • I am vaxxed and it is all by choice, I believed it should entirely be one’s choice if they wish to take up the jab or not considering that this is a serious health/life-related issue.#MandatoryVaccinatio
          • SA to no longer extend social visas to Zimbabweans. They expire on 31 December after which they can apply for “normal permits” like anyone else and be granted or denied similarly. Will it stoke anti-foreign sentiment further? Is this in response to it?

          • The Health Department says it has too many Covid-19 vaccine doses. It’s now asking suppliers to delay deliveries. Why are people not getting vaccinated?

          • Are the coalition governments the answer for better service delivery?👎👍

          • Be it resolved: Should euthanasia be legalized? 🤷‍♂️

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            • I believe that euthanasia should remain illegal considering that life is given by God, and only God should decide when to end it. I also fear that if euthanasia was made…

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